What is a qualified sponsor? 

A qualified sponsor is an organization that meet the following criteria:

  1. The organization has a fundraising need designed to improve the wellness of the surrounding community.  At least 60% of the proceeds will go to the sponsoring organization.  
  2. The organization has the financial capacity and management capacity to secure a qualified concert location, and has complete financial responsibility for hosting the concert and all necessary logistics to ensure concert’s success (including but not limited to marketing, concert staffing, ticket sales, securing musicians if needed, equipment for the concert, etc.) 
  3. The organization has completed The Legacy Tour Application to the best of their ability and it was approved by Shallon Tore’ Music.
  4. The organization has completed The Legacy Tour contract with agreement to the terms and conditions (each contract may vary).
  5. The organization sponsors the travel and lodging expenses for the artist and music team.     

As a sponsor when can we schedule the concert?

The concert schedule date is determined by how quickly the sponsoring organization’s application is approved, acquiring a qualified concert venue, the artist’s availability, and completion of the tour contract.   The process generally can take 3-4 months but up to 5-7 months for complex or larger concert arrangements.      

What is a qualified concert venue?

A qualified concert venue can accommodate 1000+ concert goers, can meet safety and operational standards to reduce liability and achieve ease of doing business.  

Can an individual sponsor a concert? 

While this is not commonly done we are open to the possibility.   The individual will have to demonstrate that they have the financial capacity to support the logistics for a concert.  An individual can financially contract another organization our Shallon Tore’ Music to execute the concert planning.  

How do we become a concert sponsor for our city?

Complete the application below (word or excel format) and email it to shallontoremusic@gmail.com.   Once received, you will be contacted within 2-3 business days to discuss the application and approval process.